Hebei Jiheng Group Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise of science, industry and trade as a whole, under the leadership of chairman Xiao Qiusheng, enterprises have achieved rapid development, from a single chemical fertilizer production enterprises for the development under the seven subsidiaries and a provincial R & D center group,   is the national development and Reform Commission designated China's anti-terrorism special disinfectant drug reserve the National Red Cross base, designated relief supplies of drinking water disinfectants only supply enterprises. Group of chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies and seric company has been identified as the provincial high-tech enterprises.
    Group products involving disinfectant, water treatment agent, medicine, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, multiple industries and fields, mainly the production of chlorine generation isocyanuric acid series, disinfectant and matched with more than 30 basis and fine chemical products. "Ji Heng" brand disinfectant in Europe and the United States and other countries has registered trademarks, more than ten kinds of products through the number of international certification, are exported to more than 40 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and other. The group's main products all passed the ISO9000-2000 quality system certification and product of raw material medicine all through the GMP certification, "Ji Heng" brand trademark was rated as a famous brand in Hebei Province, "Hengshui Lake" brand sulfur based compound fertilizer was named national inspection free products, trichloroisocyanuric acid, was named the "National key new product", chlorine, chlorine compound tablets, flutter paracetamol, nitro compound fertilizer and other 10 kinds of products have been rated as high-tech products in Hebei Province.
    In order to achieve the development of enterprises to better, my group to follow the "reduction, re-use and resources" the development of circular economy concept, in Wuyi Su is the use of kiln waste planning covers an area of 3000 acres Jiheng Circular Economy Park, the project planning including disinfectant, raw material medicine, basic chemical, fine chemical, four series of products and public works facilities such as 9, 55.8 million yuan of total investment, after recent years of construction, has now completed investment of 30 billion yuan, form the annual output value and sales revenue exceeded 30 billion yuan, profits of 400 million yuan of production capacity. 

     Xiao Qiusheng, chairman of the group was elected the four session of the Hebei National People's Congress, and has won the national labor model and the special allowance of the State Council honorary title of experts.
    Sincerely invite domestic and foreign friends to visit the guidance, cooperation and exchange!

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